Communities of Practice Online (CoPo)

Communities of Practice Online (CoPo)

Thursday, May 20, 2004

'Lack of time'!!!

In my many discussions with Industry representatives the most common point raised is
'great idea but we just dont have time'. So while they think the idea of an online network has a great deal of potential there is a concern that it will not be utilised due to time constraints.

How can we overcome this sentiment. I think there is 'enough time' we just have to get Industry to make our Copo a priority in their time allocation. How can we do this? If anyone has any ideas please add your comments as I would really appreciate any feedback on this.

Ideas I have at this stage are -
- make it fun (Industry has to want to access the networkcome on) perhaps add in prizes and games?
- create a sense of ownership by having pictures of local industry in the site

Kerry Trabinger


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