Communities of Practice Online (CoPo)

Communities of Practice Online (CoPo)

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Quotes from Janet McMillan - Flexible Learning Leader 2002

Douglas Mawson Institute - Adelaide (discussion on

- Web pages must be dynamic, reflective, user friendly and functional
- RSS feeds are a good idea for a CoP
- The use of log ins can be a deterent for recruiting new members
- It is important to provide the participants with training on the technology
- If possible have a face to face instruction session first
- Build the community - people first, then common interests then plan of action
- Participants must have a WI4me (whats in it for me). Examples are local news and events, job board
- Look at why the participants would want to go online - what advantages are their of accessing online compared to face to face
- The importance of adequate funding for a facilitator.
- The facilitator is critical for sucess. They must have passion/time and the ability to bring people along with them.


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