Communities of Practice Online (CoPo)

Communities of Practice Online (CoPo)

Friday, August 13, 2004

Gilly Salmon seminar

The Gilly Salmon seminar held on the 12 August in Canberra had two topics -
Topic 1 - Creating Engaging Learning Experiences Online
Topic 2 - The Way Ahead - Whats in sight for e-Learning

While this seminar was predominantly about moderating classroom discussions the
same principles can be applied to moderating an online discussion in a CoPo.

Gilly discussed the following -

The importance of 'how to' at the beginning. This must also be considered when designing an onilne forom in a Copo, how can the participants log on, how can they post, how can they sort etc.

The use of e-tivities. Gilly uses these in all her online class discussions. I think they would work very well in the first posting of a Copo as an icebreaker initially and as a prompter later on.
Please refer to the URL below for further information on e-tivities.

Here are three quotes from Gilly -

'Its not about teaching its about creating fabulous experiences'

'no problems only opportunities'

'students prefer to do something rather than see something'

For more information you can access Gilly's webpages at


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