Communities of Practice Online (CoPo)

Communities of Practice Online (CoPo)

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Leading Effective Live Online Events by Jonathon Finkelstein

I recently participated in this fantatic certified course by Jonathon Finkelstein. Jonathon gave some great advice on using Virtual Classrooms including

- ask yourself the questions (really think about the whats in it for me factor)
•Why am I asking my group to Log in at 3.30 pm on a Tuesday?
•Why Live?

- Jonathon discussed the anology of a facilitator as being like a ring master
- he also showed some great uses of the tools of virtual classrooms including icebreakers eg. type in hello in a language other then english and the use of click and drag on the whiteboard.

- Jonathon also used the analogy that I used in 2004 for my COPO presentation of comparing a
Virtual classroom session like a dinner party. Last week I presented a session on Teaching and Learning in Virtual Classrooms to teachers from Illawarra TAFE and discussed this anology:

Dinner Party
1/ guests must must have a reason for coming to the dinner party
2/ as a host you would make sure guests were given the correct address and simple, easy to follow directions on how to find the house
3/ you would clean your house and make it look inviting ie. nice tablecloth, maybe candles, plump up the cushions etc. You would have a clear pathway from the front door to the lounge room and/or dining room.
4/ you would not just sit and look at each other but rather engage in topical conversation perhaps about the results of the last Olympics or common interests for example your children or work.
5/ you might play cards or games.

Virtual Classroom or Community of Practice Online or any virtual community
1/ participants must have a reason for accessing the site (WI4me)
2/ participants must know how to access the classroom and have the correct address and technology instructions (training)
3/ the classroom must be easy to follow and navigate and look appealing and inviting
4/ the facilitator needs to monitor the conversation in the chat, mic and whiteboard discussions and encourage lively dialogue and interest.
5/ participants could be encouraged to participate in activites eg. Icebreakers, click and drag etc.

Jonathon really is an expert in Virtual Classroom presenting. Thanks Jonathon.

Cheers Kerry :-)


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